Cloud License

Our Cloud Hosted Solution is designed to give you access to all the features of our turnkey automated Index Management Software, hosted in a secure cloud environment, at a per seat license.

Some of the key features of our Index Management Software are:

  • Index Review and Rebalancing, Index Reconstitution (ad-hoc and periodic)
  • Back-testing and Performance benchmarking, End of Day Index Values, IOPV
  • Free-float adjusted factor computation
  • Corporate Actions, Share Class Switching
  • Factsheet generation
  • Industry classification

You will have unlimited access to these features. The software comes pre-loaded with connections to various different data sources like FactSet & Thomson Reuters.

Why try this solution:

Accelerate Turnaround Time from Seed Ideas to New Indexes: Back-test your new Index concept with 10 years of market data in less than 10 minutes.

Ensure Watertight Accuracy of Critical Operations: Eliminate errors caused by manual operations in tasks like Index review, rebalancing, reconstitution.

Grow Your Business at No Additional Cost: Automate the daily/weekly/monthly Index operations tasks  leaving room to focus on the intellectual aspect of growing the business.

Try for FREE for 21 days: Sign up today to get started and see the benefits for your self...totally free for 21 days.