Managed Index Operation (Post-Production Services)

Our Index Managed Services is designed to provide a simple, one-stop end to end solution to all the post-production indexing needs of our clients. We offer the full spectrum of services from pure calculation of indexes to any module that can affect the value or composition of the Index.

Modules covered under our Managed Services offering:

  • Daily End of Day NAV Calculation
  • Index Review & Rebalancing at a periodic frequency (quarterly, half-yearly etc.) or Ad-hoc
  • Index Reconstitution at a pre-defined frequency (quarterly, half-yearly etc.) or Ad-hoc
  • Free-float Adjusted Factor computation
  • Corporate Actions
  • Share Class Switching
  • Factsheets generation & quarterly publications

To ensure continuity with our clients’ current processes we import the methodology document into our Index Management Software and compare the historical values with the automated results generated by our software to ensure correctness. It usually takes us under a week to provision the Index into our automated tool and validate the historical accuracy with our clients.

As an add-on, customers can take advantage of:

15 second IOPV Calculation

Public dissemination of index data via a major US exchange to be picked up by data vendors such as Bloomberg, Factset, Thomson Reuters etc


Benefits of partnering with Fuzzy Logix:
  • Automate the daily/weekly/monthly Index operations tasks – leaving room to focus on the intellectual aspect of growing the business
  • Eliminate errors caused by manual operations in tasks like Index rebalancing, reconstitution
  • Ability to import data from more than one data source – prevents daily discrepancies and occasional errors in the data feeds
  • More advanced data model than provided by any single data provider alone such as Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg
  • Compliance with the IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks.
We also ensure best-in-class enterprise support for our clients:
  • Robust IT infrastructure with a system uptime of 99.95%, supported by established Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans
  • Special focus on client confidentiality and data security
  • 24x7 customer support

Our operations costs are low because of the automation we have built into index management, and we can pass along these savings to you.